Zayn Malik Biography

Zayn Malik Biography

Our own Zayn Malik biography with all the facts and information.

Zayn (full name Zain Javadd “Zayn” Malik) was born in West Lane in Bradford in North Yorkshire. Zayn Malik’s birthday is 12th January 1993.

Zayn has 3 sisters named Doniya, Waliyha and Safaa, and his parents names are Tricia and Yaser. Zayn was raised in East Bowling, just south of Bradford and attended the local comprehensive school, Tong High School.

It was reported on some social media sites that Zayn Malik is a practicing muslim, along with all his family members. There was some initial confusion in the press regarding Zayn’s religious beliefs as Zayn has been widely photographed wearing a cross, and also that his mother is a convert to muslim. Zayn has reportedly said that he only wears the cross for fashion purposes.

Zayn auditioned for the X Factor during their seventh series in 2010. Zayn’s original audition of Mario’s “Let Me Love You” was not originally broadcast during the audition stages, but was shown during the Xtra factor show after the audition stages had ended.

Zayn Malik Biography

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Zayn first came to prominence during the boot camp stage of series 7 of the X Factor viewers when he initially refused to join a group of contestants on stage for a dance task in front of Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and choreographer Brian Friedman. Zayn was worried about dancing in front of a professional choreographer and alongside other contestants who, in his eyes, were clearly better dancers than he was.

Zayn Malik BiographyZayn was persuaded by Simon Cowell to join in with the task. Upon completing his task, Zayn said that he needed to concentrate on his dancing! I really think Zayn showed a lot of guts to show reluctance to do something he clearly wasn’t happy doing, but loads of resilience to overcome his worries and perform.

Zayn was rejected at the boot camp stage of the X Factor but was called back to join One Direction with Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Niall Horan.

Zayn has also found himself under increased media attention both during and after his X Factor experience. Tabloid newspapers have published stories about Zayn’s romance with fellow X factor contestants Cher Lloyd, and Rebecca Ferguson. Cher Lloyd has denied any romantic involvement with Zayn Malik citing she was focused on her career.

Zayn Malik BiographyRegarding being linked with Zayn Malik, Rebecca Ferguson has said that after she and Zayn grew apart that she wishes him well with his career. Zayn has veen in a relatively steady relationship with Perrie Edwards, a member of the UK girlband, Little Mix

Facts about Zayn Malik include his musical interests including R&B and rap music. He likes to draw cartoons and has collected comic books. Zayn Malik has numerous tattoos including a Yingyang symbol, his grandfathers name (Walter) in Arabic, and a playing card on his stomach!

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Zayn Malik Biography

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